Frierson 1940

1940 Camp Frierson

Description:       For the second consecutive year, our summer camp operated on 60 acres of land donated for use by Judge Frierson, taking the name Camp Frierson. The insignia was the same as for 1939 except the year was changed to "1940" in the design. The growth of scouting and the increased number of scouts attending summer camp made the season a very full one. A budget for improvements was drawn up and funds raised, but the lack of space at Camp Frierson made its future questionable.

No records have been located giving us much detail for the 1940 summer season. But it is likely that Council Executive Robert C. MacNab again served as camp director with a staff of about thirteen.

Camp Location: 4 miles Sorth of Jonesboro, Arkansas. (Pine Hill)
Dates Operated: June 10 - July 6, 1939.
Characteristics: Dark Blue or Green felt; Whitish / Yellow printing.

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