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With the merger of Eastern Arkansas Area Council into Quapaw Area Council in late 2001, our camp at Pine Trail Reservation was sold to pay off remaining debts. Fortunately the property was purchased by council member Allen Bush. It was Mr. Bush's immediate hope to preserve the property for camping and to renovate the badly deteriorated facilities. While priority was to be given to those Scouts and Scouting units wishing to use the campgrounds, the facility is to also be available to anyone wishing to use it. In fact, by 2004 most of the buildings had been extensively renovated such that several are now available for use with lodging facilities with full kitchens, bathrooms, sitting areas and laundry.

At the final Vigil inductions of Lodge 413, in September, 2002, it was agreed that we would sponsor a reunion or homecoming back to the camp, the following September. Former Scouts and camp staff as well as current Scout troops were invited. With the success of the first years activities, it was then agreed to proceed with the Homecoming as an annual event.

The following images are commemorative insignia produced for the Cedar Valley Homecoming. They are based on camp and Order of the Arrow insignia from our era as a Scout camp and council. Because these are post-merger items, they do not contain any Boy Scout or council related markings.

CVH 2003 Camper CVH 2003 Staff CVH 2003 Director CVH 2004 Camper CVH 2004 Staff CVH 2005 Camper CVH 2005 Staff CVH 2006 Camper CVH 2006 Staff CVH 2007 Camper
2003 Camper 2003 Staff 2003 Director 2004 Camper 2004 Staff 2005 Camper 2005 Staff 2006 Camper 2006 Staff 2007 Camper
CVH 2007 Staff CVH 2007 Special CVH 2008 Camper CVH 2008 Staff CVH 2009 Camper CVH 2009 Staff CVH 2010 Camper CVH 2010 Staff CVH 2011 Camper CVH 2011 Staff
2007 Staff 2007 Special 2008 Camper 2008 Staff 2009 Camper 2009 Staff 2010 Camper 2010 Staff 2011 Camper 2011 Staff
CVH 2012 Camper CVH 2012 Staff CVH 2013 Camper CVH 2013 Staff CVH 2014 Camper CVH 2014 Staff CVH 2014 Early CVH 2014 Memorial CVH 2015 Camper CVH 2015 Staff
2012 Camper 2012 Staff 2013 Camper 2013 Staff 2014 Camper 2014 Staff 2014 Pre-Reg 2014 Special 2015 Camper 2015 Staff
CVH 2015 Pre-Reg CVH 2016 Camper CVH 2016 Staff CVH 2007 Jacket CVH 2012 Jacket CVH 2012 Pin CVH 2017 Participant CVH 2017 Staff CVH 2017 PTR50 CVH 2018 Participant
2015 Pre-Reg 2016 Camper 2016 Staff 2007 Jacket 2012 Jacket 2012 Pin 2017 Participant 2017 Staff 2017 PTR 50Ann 2018 Participant
CVH 2018 Staff CVH 2018 Pre-Reg CVH 2018 Special
2018 Staff 2018 Pre-Reg 2018 Special
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