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Council Red & White Strip

Description:       The standard Red & White Strip for our council was officially used until the mid-1970s. While not a particularly rare patch, they are not all that common in mint condition. Most scouts tended to use the city / state Red & White strips on their uniforms until the appearance of Council Shoulder Patches. The council RWS was more commonly used by professional staff, commissioners, some older camp staff and National Jamboree contingents. There was no restriction on anyone wearing this insignia. For whatever reason, most units just did not wear them.

Sometimes the patch edge would be closely trimed to the white area, giving the appearance of a rolled edge. However, all known issues were a cut edge, twill backed or gauze backed patch. The example shown here has been worn.

Characteristics: Red twill background; White cut edge; None with plastic back; 42x126mm.

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