Camp Cedar Valley

Camp Cedar Valley, (now a privately owned property), is located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. It is situated on 777 acres just south of Viola , Arkansas on U.S. 412. Cedar Valley served the youth of the Eastern Arkansas Area Council for nearly thirty years. Cedar Valley entertained out-of-council troops and posts on a regular basis and the outstanding Summer Camp program was very successful in bringing those units back to our camp. Cedar Valley has its own lake (beautiful Lake The) that is home to some of the finest fishing in Arkansas. Camps nearness to 7 navigable rivers and Lakes Norfolk and Bull Shoals make it ideal for a group base of operations while touring North Central Arkansas' lakes and rivers.

Today Camp Cedar Valley facilities have been extensively renovated and upgraded to create unique and quite lovely family type cabins from many of the old camp buildings (Trading Post, OA Lodge, Health Lodge & Cooks Shack). Each has AC, full modern kitchens, bedrooms, showers and baths as well as nice sitting areas to relax and enjoy nature right outside the window. Each building is available for rent to Scouts as well as non-Scouts. The entire property is available for your enjoyment. It makes a great weekend (or week) getaway, family gathering point, or larger event such as our annual Cedar Valley Homecoming. For more info see the bottom of this page.

For a visual tour of the camp (as it was), click on the thumbnails below to view the pics full scale. Coming soon will be "before / after" so you can see just how the camp has been improved!

Scoutmaster's Hill Parade ground viewed from trading post View from the dam of Lake The
The waterfront area Our chapel Our campfire circle
The swimmin' hole The trading post It's so b-i-i-i-i-g!
Typical campsite Latrine Family camp area
Rapelling/climbing tower
If you would like to receive information on the use of Camp Cedar Valley , you should e-mail the caretakers (Jarel & Darrell Zimmer) at or leave a message at (870) 458-2603.

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